Top 10 secret functions in your Windows keyboard

  631 Wednesday, July 11, 2018
We are sure that you are spending a lot of your time in front of the computer. But in reality, even the most experienced user does not know all the secrets that exist to control his laptop. If you have a computer running Windows, do not worry. We'll reveal essential keyboard tricks that can help you save time and make you more productive.
Here are 10 hidden features in your keyboard that you will not be able to do without:
1.High contrast mode
Have you ever tried using the magnifying glass but still have problems reading the information on the screen? Now is the time to activate a high contrast mode.
To do this, simultaneously press Alt + Shift + Print Screen
Alt + Shift + Screen Print
You can deactivate this mode by pressing the same keys.
2.The magnifying glass
Everyone does not have a perfect view. However, constantly approaching the face of the screen is not a convenient thing.
Fortunately, there is a magnifying glass function hidden behind the keys of your PC that you will see appearing by simultaneously pressing the Windows and + keys.
Windows and (+)
3. Function keys
Did you know that the small keys located at the top of any keyboard are called function keys?
Each of these keys performs a specific function:
F1: runs the operating system help system.
F2: Allows you to enter the name of a file.
F3: Allows you to search for the name of a file or folder.
F4: Combined with the Alt key allows you to quickly exit a program.
F5: Refresh an Internet page.
F6: Allows you to choose the address bar.
F7, F6, and F9: do not have a specific function.
F10: The main function of this key is to open and close a program.
F11: Allows us to switch to full-screen mode.
F12: Has no specific function. Although it is generally used for
Display an additional menu with a program configuration.
4. Screenshot
Do you want to take a picture of your screen? For that, you do not need to take out your phone and photograph the screen. Just press the Print Screen or Prt Scr button.
You must probably think that nothing has happened. But actually, the image was recorded in the clipboard. You can copy it into any program or even into an email as a normal image.
If you do not want to take a picture of the entire screen, press the Alt key and Print Screen key simultaneously. You will then get an image of the active window only.
Alt + Print Screen
5. Reduce all windows
When you have a lot of open windows, you may have trouble orienting yourself. But rest assured! You can reduce all open windows by simply pressing the Windows key, as well as the letter M.
Windows + M
6. Show taskbar
The mouse or touchpad on your computer has stopped working? If you press the Windows key and the T key at the same time, the computer will be displayed on the taskbar. By pressing the same keys, you can modify the selected object.
The previous key combination works on Windows 7 or the most recent versions of Windows.
Windows + T
7. To close everything in an instant
If you want to close all open programs on your computer in one instant while saving your data, simply press the Windows + L keys.
Windows + L   
8. Restore the last windows of a session on the Internet
This combination will help restore the pages of your last web session without having to waste time putting everything back together. You must simultaneously press the keys Windows + Ctrl + M.
Windows + Ctrl + M
9. Unlock a computer
Cannot get out of a program that is blocking your computer? Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc will directly take you to the task manager.
Ctrl + Shift + Esc
10. Show Side Panel
To display the side panel that can be very useful, press the Windows key and the letter C.
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